The Outlook Newspaper




For over a century, the Outlook has been the local newspaper for Gresham, Oregon and the surrounding communities. It is published twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, and it is the best source of news and information that impacts residents of East Multnomah County. Our editorial team decides what goes into the newspaper each issue based on its value to our local readers. Unlike the large daily newspapers, news stories in the Outlook are intensely local, and most of the information found on our pages can't easily be found anywhere else. For example, news stories may tell about the important decisions being made by local governments in Gresham, Troutdale, Damascus, Boring, and Fairview. Feature stories highlight interesting people, businesses, charities and events.


Who Reads the Outlook?

Outlook readers are community-minded people. Most of our readers are affluent, and really care about their community. That means they often work locally, or own local businesses, and they support local businesses as well. Business owners who advertise in the Outlook realize that their ad is being seen by thousands of local people each issue, and that each reader really cares about the success of our local economy.



The Outlook is direct mailed via the US Postal Service to local and non-local subscribers, and it is sold in newspaper boxes and retail establishments all over East Multnomah County.



The Outlook has dozens of advertisements in each issue telling all about local businesses and the products they sell. In addition to the ads that appear on the pages of the newspaper itself, each issue contains inserts with great information from companies our readers frequent, such as Safeway, Dick's Sporting Goods, Lowe's Home Improvement, Walgreens, and many others. Often, these inserts and advertisements contain valuable, money-saving coupons our readers love.


Great Local Information Shared by Readers

The Outlook news team is always looking for news and information about happenings in our coverage area. We love to get tips and press releases from people and organizations when they know about something happening that would be important or interesting to others in our community.


Custom Printing and Direct Mail

The Outlook also has a department that can handle any kind of printing on paper, from simple business cards, to newspapers, to full-color glossy magazines and posters. Our mailing department can handle direct-mailing of virtually any printed piece, no matter where in the world they need to go. Ask us for a quote on anything you routinely have printed or mailed. We may be able to save you some money!


Part of the Pamplin Media Group

The Outlook is part of the Pamplin Media Group, which is now the largest media company in the State of Oregon. The group publishes 26 different community newspapers including the Sandy Post, the Estacada News and the Portland Tribune. The Pamplin Media Group also has two radio stations, and publishes dozens of other publications for local Chambers of Commerce and other organizations.